The Revenue Health Barometer – Get Informed

The Revenue Health Barometer – Get Informed

The Revenue Health Barometer – Get Informed

The Revenue Health Barometer – Get Informed

The Revenue Health Barometer – Get Informed

Just how healthy is your ability to drive consistent, sustainable, and profitable revenue growth and which levers do you need to pull to make improvements?

What makes a healthy revenue generation machine?

The Problem We Solve

Revenue generation has quickly become the black hole into which companies aimlessly pour millions of dollars into CRM’s, Training, Analytics, Marketing Automation and more. As returns on investment decline year over year, budget requests and customer acquisitions costs go up. Why are CFO’s and MD’s tolerating this? Because, until now, revenue performance has been shrouded in mystery and the sellers of these solutions are claiming huge margins in sales by creating this clutter. The RPMG Revenue Performance Framework removes the clutter. We align the entire business to the buyer’s journey and embed sustainable revenue performance improvement capability in marketing (top of funnel) and sales (bottom of funnel).

How We Achieve This

RPMG and BSO facilitates a proven step change framework that has been used by over 130 clients. On average these clients have increased revenue by 24%. The framework is quick, precise and utilises the optimal amount of resources.

Why We Do It Better Than Anyone Else

We believe your revenue performance success is predicated on 1) how well your product or service solves problems for your customers, 2) how to let them know you do it better than anyone else and 3) quickly, efficiently and cost effectively pull prospects through your marketing/sales funnel. Once this is solved we provide (or help you buy) and help you implement the tools needed to maintain control and visibility over your marketing and sales process.

Where do we start?

It starts with the Revenue Health Barometer and benchmarking your Revenue Capability Score and Funnel Conversion Metrics.

Voice of the Team – We use our proven online Revenue Diagnostic to gather both quantitative – Revenue Capability Score and qualitative inputs from you and your cross-functional team to benchmark your performance across the 36 revenue drivers that we have defined through working with over 140 clients. The Revenue Capability Score is presented in the form of an RPM Heat Map and percentage score.


Even clients who experience healthy grow often have a Revenue Capability Score way below 50% – exposing good opportunities for the application of Marginal Gain theory to achieve sustainable revenue growth.

We have also created comprehensive profiling tools, specifically focused on the revenue generation resources in your team. Sales force “spill and fill” mostly fails to resolve skill set issues. We help identify the underlying capabilities that each individual has in order that they can be assigned to the most effective roles and that skills improvement programmes are specific to individual needs.

Voice of the Data – Benchmarking your funnel conversion ratios, solution/client mix and portfolio performance against know benchmarks. Understanding where you are versus the requirements of your business is the only way to pinpoint the real challenge that you face.

The revenue-diagnostic

Voice of the Customer – being bold and brave enough to allow us to solicit input from your clients can often yield insights that you may never have imagined. Ensuring that your engagement models align with the buyer’s preference can unlock opportunities for improvement that any length of internal analysis would have missed.

With a clear and prioritised view of where improvement across all the areas that impact revenue generation and grow, you can finally address the real issues that are holding you back.

RPMG and BSO has the ability to reveal hidden revenue – Black Light Revenue, that lays hidden in plain sight within companies. As it is a new business discipline, in the future RPMG sees revenue specialists being as important to a company as other regular disciplines like accounting and marketing.

Wolfgang Röcher,                                  Leslie R Hines, 

CEO BSO Performance GmbH                   European CEO, RPMG                        

+49 151 42305767                                        +44 7802 815182                                  

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