Revenue Performance Index 2015 – erste Erkenntnisse

 Der neue Revenue Performance Index 2015 – erste Erkenntnisse

Unser Kooperationspartner bei der BSO Performance GmbH, die RPMGI (Revenue Performance Management Group International), führt regelmäßige globale Studien zur Umsatzperformance durch, und ermittelt dabei in Zusammenarbeit mit IBM seit 10 Jahren den Revenue Performance Index. Dieser sagt aus, wie es um die Abschlussquote bei der Umsatzgenerierung aussieht.

Die ersten Erkenntnisse der aktuellsten Studie liegen in Englisch vor, und wir freuen uns, diese Erkenntnisse einer ersten Interessentengruppe vorab zu präsentieren. Interessante und zum Nachdenken anregende Inhalte, wie wir finden.

Die Diagnostik und Steigerung der Umsatzperformance ist unser Spezialgebiet bei BSO. Sollte es in Ihrem Umfeld einmal Interesse bestehen, mehr darüber zu erfahren, stehen wir selbstverständlich gerne zur Verfügung.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen, und unsere besten Grüße,

“CEO’s who think CRM’s and Sales training are going to increase their revenues are living in La-La Land” 23 February 2016, Craig McKell, RPMG


The first rushes from the 2016 Revenue Performance Index are in.  More than 300 CEO’s, directors and sales leaders from organizations of all shapes and sizes have thus far participated in the latest global study on revenue performance.

The results make compelling – and sobering, reading. The full findings will be released in the coming weeks at a series of executive briefings in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States.  The report features a host of insights sure to have CEO’s – and CFO’s scratching their heads and asking hard questions of their marketing and sales organizations.

First among those is almost certain to be around the Return on Investment promised to justify their CRM’s and sales training programs.  Last year companies spent more than $US24B globally on CRM.

Through 2014 and 2015 the CRM market globally grew by 14% and 18% respectively.  Over the same period the market for sales training expanded by between 12% and 15% depending on whose set of statistics you choose to rely on.

In spite of those Herculean and expensive efforts to increase sales, since 2014 according to the latest Index, the opposite has in fact occurred.  Across those two years, the rates of both new customer acquisition and repeat sales to existing customers fell – again!  New customer acquisition now sits at an

anemic 2.05%, while the rate of repeat sales to existing customers fell to below 8% – a decline of 36% since the last Index two years ago.

Other highlights (or perhaps more correctly lowlights) of the Index include:

  • 70% of companies missed or were missing their sales targets – with 36% of those missing by more than 20%;
  • 67% of the CEO’s and sales leaders who responded were not confident they would hit their targets for next year either;
  • 65% of sales reps either missed or were under their targets. That number is up from 58% in 2014, representing a further 12% decline in rep performance;
  • 60% of organizations reported their sales cycles were longer or significantly longer since the last Index; and53% of CEO’s lack confidence in the effectiveness of their marketing organizations and programs.

The full report of findings from the 2016 Revenue Performance Index will be available shortly. Contact us and we’ll email you a copy when it’s released, or come back and check at in a week or so.

RPMGI is the strategic partner of BSO Performance GmbH for Revenue Performance Management.


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